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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

It has been an awesome blessing having spent decades learning and studying in my fields of psychology and family science. Training and mentorship from some of the greatest clinicians in my field has shaped me into the  clinician I am today.


I am forever grateful to my guides and teachers who helped me to learn the most excellent ways in my field. I am also grateful to the researchers and scholars who have toiled to discover and validate truths that inform my approaches in therapy and in life. I pride myself on providing my clients with the best of what therapy has to offer.  













Dr. Lisa Enjoys Living!


Living a balanced life helps me to be most fully present in all that I do. When I am not helping clients, there are many things I enjoy doing. Lately, I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of finding delicious but healthy foods for my family to eat. 


I love spending time with my family and friends, reading and studying, contemplating, finding creative and fun ways to stay fit, spending time in nature, listening to music, attending daily mass, being a coffee connoisseur, chilling at my local coffee shop and helping people in my community wherever I can.


The Goodness of God

My earliest experiences of my Catholic faith were most profound and foundational in shaping my religious life and beliefs.  As a five and six year old  I was sent regularly on errands by the Sisters of Notre Dame, my elementary teachers. My errands would inevitably result in a trip to the Basilica, where I would linger for what seemed an eternity. 

I would dwell captivated, in the empty, silent church,  surrounded by sacred art, stained, glass,  statues, and  Romeneque Revival architecture. In the silence of the majestic Basilica I experienced the presence of the Lord. Much later in life I came to appreciate more fully the  gift of my childhood and what is beautifully explained by St. Gregory of Nyssa that "the happiness God promises surely knows no limits. In seeing God one possesses all things." 


Because my life is grounded in Christ, I am able to be a source of  love, strength, hope and healing for those who come to me for help. I am able  to help others experience the happiness God promises and accompany them a little while on their way.

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